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If you want to turn hours of frustration trying to figure out where you’ve made common SEO mistakes (we all make ‘em) into 10 minutes of simplicity, read on...

FreeSEOScorecard is perfect for small business owners and marketing directors who want to do all they can to boost their Google SEO ranking BEFORE calling in “hired hands” and other worthy SEO experts (like those we use and recommend).

It’s also ideal for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultants who need an upfront assessment tool to evaluate a client’s need for their higher-end consulting or training. That way, SEO consultants can focus on those customers who have already fixed common SEO mistakes and optimized their on-page elements and are now ready (and eager) to move onto the “200-level coursework.”

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  “I’m so impressed with!   As a non—programmer, small business entrepreneur, it’s awesome to find a tool that so inexpensively allows me to do my own SEO. It’s terrific to see my scores change on-the-fly as I make changes to my website!  Thank you for making such a great tool available!” 

— Libby Andrews, President at Stick-e Products LLC, patented, internationally, award winning, non-slip Yoga Accessories.


  “When search engines can’t figure out the meaning of your web page, you’re making it nearly impossible for them to send traffic to your site, even when your potential customer is looking for exactly what you have to sell. The Free SEO Scorecard is a terrific little SEO tool that gives everyone (even people who know nothing about SEO and HTML) the ability to run a report and have a conversation with their agency or web team to fix the problems.”

— Robert Sieracki, President & Partner at


  “I use Free SEO Scorecard to write more relevant content. Now, after I publish a new web page, I use Free SEO Scorecard’s synoptic keyword tool, which shows me the keywords Google’s going use to index my page. If those keywords aren’t what I intended I just edit the page until it’s right.”

— Jeff Martyka, Director of Internet Marketing at


  “Simple to use even for those new to SEO, due to helpful tooltips explaining each term.”

— Lauris Veips,



  “We have better content on our website than any competitor, but when it came to our Google rankings, we didn’t know what we were shooting for. After following all the instructions in the SEO Scorecard and the SEO Resource Kit, we now know what Google wants to see and how to organize our web pages to jump ahead of the pack.

The good news: It’s a whole lot easier than I thought it would be. Thanks, John, for boiling it down into bite-sized pieces.”

— Chip Chapman, Owner at Integrated Building Systems & The Knowledge Group


“I had no way to audit our web designers

We’re in the measurement and metrics business, but when it came to developing our company website I had no way to audit our web designers until I got John’s SEO Scorecard.

Do yourself a big favor and get it before anyone works on your website. Then make sure your designers follow John’s instructions.”

— John Oskin, Founder, Informance International


  “Excellent…Really valuable to someone who is not deeply entrenched. If I follow your guidelines and then shore up my business in the areas indicated, it is not too likely I have missed a major area. Once I have it ‘shored up,’ I can drill down—with confidence.”

— Will Baccich, CEO, Global Data Vault, providing data backup, offsite data storage and disaster recovery solutions at Global Data Vault


  “As an entrepreneur and someone who has studied search engine optimization and website development for years, I found John’s SEO Scorecard not only highly informative - but essential to my website success and organic rankings!  He brings to light areas I had never considered which will put me far ahead of those competitors in my field.  It’s like having a secret weapon few people know about - just hope your competition doesn’t find out about him!  I plan on using his concepts and ideas not only on my website, but in my marketing campaign overall as well.  A++ John and thanks!”

— Greg Phelps, President, Wealth Manager at RedrockWealth