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The Kit includes the following:


Here’s my ebook/handbook covering the 4 Google Optimization Factors: Formatting your content to make your website easy for search engines to index, Site Architecture (linking your site together so that Google knows which pages are most important), Placing your keywords in the proper locations on your page for optimal ranking effect and Staying on Google’s RADAR by monitoring the latest search engine strategy and tactics.

I’ve written 10+ lessons for you, teaching you how to optimize your website, just like I did. Many people tell me these lessons are the very best content available on the web today because they are 100% focused on websites for small businesses. The lessons are a terrific supplement to the Google Optimized eBook and have a $priceless value! After you join, your first lesson will arrive shortly via email.

This is the exact scorecard I use in my own business to assess the “Google health” of a website before we start work on a client’s B2B marketing strategy. The first page shows you how to fill it out. This is also a terrific tool for determining if your web team set up your pages correctly.

This guide, written by Google Partner, Epik One, Inc., shows you how to properly set up your Google Analytics account and how to configure it for your use. While this guide is terrific, with Epik’s permission, I’ve added some important comments, which you will see throughout in red.

My interview (mp3, 22M) with Google Guru, Stephan Mahaney, President of Planet Ocean Communications, which publishes Search Engine News. Planet Ocean is dedicated to teaching people like you and me how to do our own Search Engine Optimization (SEO).