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1 Million Websites Ignoring Basic SEO
Basic Elements

Basic Web Page Elements (Page Title, H1 Tag and Meta-Description Tag) help Search Engines understand your intended meaning, linking keywords to content.

Causing Confusion?

Pages with Duplicate Web Page Elements and Pages with None

Basic Elements Bar Graph

Unintentionally Blocking or Hiding Content?

Sitemaps, URLlists and Robots

If Search Engines can't find your web page (the purpose of a Sitemap.xml file) or you've blocked access to certain web pages (by excluding pages in your robots.txt file) you're not going to show up when a customer searches on “your keywords.”

Search Results — Web Page Connection

Search Results Example

Google, et al, use Page Title, url and
(in most cases) the content in the
Meta-Description Tag to create the listings on the Search Results Page.

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